Connecting Ohio’s Businesses and Universities: Assets in Ohio’s Energy Future

Connecting Ohio’s Businesses and Universities: Assest in Ohio’s Energy Future is a 25-page report funded by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) that identifies challenges, opportunities and recommendations for university-industry collaborations.

UCEAO hosted five regional focus groups to initiate communication with energy-related companies about their technical challenges and needs. Participating companies ranged in size, sector and stages of development.


Understand how Ohio’s universities can facilitate positive collaborations with the private sector to achieve successful outcomes for our energy future.


Four key areas of improvement include:
1. Capitalize on existing resources and competencies;
2. Provide access to university knowledge, technology and resources;
3. Clarify and augment the university role in Ohio’s economic development plans; and
4. Align higher education curriculum and workforce training with business needs.

Suggested ways to facilitate successful collaborations include:
1. Establishing connectors or liaisons within the universities to look for and encourage
potential partnerships;
2. Clearly articulating expectations and hesitations prior to project and contract development;
3. Developing a shared vision and goals;
4. Aligning university research and industry timeframes; and
5. Utilizing a joint approach to the research design.


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